Thursday, February 9, 2012

Verdict First, Trial Later, Justice Never

Next September, New York City is going to take classroom spaces from Satellite Academy to make room for a new charter school. According to the laws of New York City, the school charter co-location process should be subject to public input. Furthermore, it must be approved by Mayor Bloomburg's special Panel for Educational Policy. The panel votes to authorize, post-pone, or deny a charter school's proposed co-location, as outlined in Chancellor's Regulation A-190, Section C.

It is surprising, then, that the ROADS II charter school slated for co-location with Satellite Academy in the Bronx Regional Building is already accepting students. What makes this school so sure that it will be subject to PEP approval? Is the co-location of ROADS II really up for public input? The PEP, majority-appointed by Mayor Bloomburg, has never rejected one of his proposed school closings or co-locations. The voice of parents has no role in shaping the decision. The outcome is decided from the outset. For public schools in New York City, it's a case of verdict first, trial later, justice never.

The ROADS II application is pictured below:

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