Sunday, September 23, 2012

Satellite Student Highlighted on National Television

Schomburg Satellite student, Morgan Asencio, was highlighted in the ReelWorks film, American Dropout, on PBS this Saturday, September 22.

The show aired nationally as a part of the PBS program American Graduate.

The program promoted organizations that are working to increase awareness about and address our nation's high school graduation rates.

In the ReelWorks film, Morgan, along with high school students from around the city, discusses her struggles with completing high school in the traditional 4 year path. She then shares her goals at Satellite and beyond.

Our principal, Marsha, also gets to share her expertise in working at a transfer school. She explains that schools must recognize that students are coming from a wide range of challenges, and that despite their struggles, students should always be seen as successes.

Stay tuned for a showing at Schomburg Satellite coming soon!

Thanks to ReelWorks for working with us and sharing stories from our community.

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