Monday, March 19, 2012

Satellite Fights DOE Move to Increase Floor Capacity

This story is about how the DOE allegedly increased the building capacity (number of seats) from 295 seats to 432 seats in one year (with no new construction or change of rooms).

The DOE responded by saying that the Bronx Regional Building is at 67% capacity--BUT we are calling for an INVESTIGATION of this capacity rate. 

Here's why:
  • In 2009 the 5th floor capacity was 295 seats.
  • In 2010 the 5th floor capacity was changed by the DOE to 432 seats.
  • This is a 46% increase in capacity.

What accounts for this change?

Interestingly, ROADS II charter school application was presented to SUNY around the same time in 2010. The ROADS school application was initially sent by Cami Anderson, who worked in the SAME BRONX REGIONAL BUILDING (the proposal was sent back to the drawing board 2 times because of Conflict of Interest).

Further, the DOE co-location proposal requires that the 5th floor give the new charter school 46% of the 5th floor.....exactly the same amount of increase that occurred in 2010 when ROADS II application was filed.

You do the math.

(03/19/12) THE BRONX - The Schomburg Satellite School is fighting a Department of Education (DOE) plan to put a second school in the building floor it already occupies.

The DOE wants to put the second school on the fourth and fifth floors, adding 250 students to the building.

Schomburg officials say that the plan would put the floors at 121-percent capacity and the DOE isn't planning of adding additional classrooms or teachers.

The DOE is expected to vote on the issue Wednesday.

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