Monday, March 19, 2012

ROADS 2 INVADES Part 2 -- Kelson Maynard

Video by Angel Gonzalez

Public Hearing March 12

Statement made by
Kelson Maynard:

I have been in this school Satellite Academy for 28 years. 

I don’t understand. I don’t understand how the educational theory is going to improve the quality of education. I have not encountered an explanation, and yet that is the principle in which this decision is being made. 

Currently, I share a classroom because there isn’t enough space. We are being told by people who have not been to the school that we have too much space. Something is wrong with that logic. 

I want to know, Why is it that we in this community here have to confront this kind of problem, that Bronx Science, Stuyvesant, etc would not have to confront. Is this class warfare? Why are we being dumped on? 

Many of us have died for something called democracy. 

We are looking to see if those lives are in vain.

 Because hear me out! 

Expressing ourselves and the decisions are supposed to be democratic decision-making. 

Let's see if that were to be obtained here after this meeting this afternoon or if it is a cynical process and this proposal has already been confirmed.

Since I have been here, there have been two schools that are constant: Satellite Academy and Bronx Regional. Now a plan is being concocted to do irreparable damage to these two programs. Why is that? Why is the DOE doing this plan with such a deleterious effect as you have already heard?

I am pretty confident that the education that the well-to-do get, the education that students get in some parts of Westchester and other places are as different, the special arrangement is different and students have a different experience, but we are supposed to be crowded like cockroaches and we are supposed to get an education to compete with those same students who come out of schools from the Upper West Side from Westchester with superior facilities superior resources. 

Because of what students demonstrated tonight: they dropped out because the school system that they were apart of did not work. And now that we have something that works, DOE and SUNY say we must change that. Many of our students graduated from SUNY! 

We have a safe building, we do not have metal detectors. The program that will come in by default will… How are we supposed to be and feel comfortable with this apparatus? Something has to stop. We will see if what our voices have to say are heard, if this is the home of brave land of the free or not.

Something has to be done. 

The nonsense has to stop. 

You must give our children a chance to be successful.

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